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We are a travel agency specializing in the country of Ukraine. We help people traveling to Ukraine whether for business or vacation or health treatment. You can find on our site interesting ideas on how you can spend your time in Ukraine. We try to make your travel experience complete by including suggestions on how to see the beauty of Ukraine. In addition, we offer a wide range of options including various accommodations, specialized tours, and other services. It ensures that you have many choices to find the ones that best suit you and your budget. Our intention is to make your stay in Ukraine fulfilling and memorable.


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The weather

Ukraine has cold winters and warm summers. It has a fairly dry climate.

Discover Ukraine

Ukraine has a lot to discover. A country so different from many others and unknown for many foreigners. When you visit it, then you will definitely feel that you are on vacation or on a business trip. It has a rich culture and history, religion which is anchored in society, unspoiled nature and friendly people. Just have a look on our website and you will find a lot more information.

The hospitability of Ukraine

Ukraine is a country which is famous for its hospitality. If you want to feel the great energy of welcome, then this is the country to visit. In national restaurants you can be met at the door by the hostess who will have bread and drinks in her hands, so that you can see how each family in Ukraine meet their guests.


Traveling in Ukraine

We can offer our clients a complete trip or for clients who want to compose their own trip, we offer our services also separate. You can benefit of price advantage, our knowledge and experiences. Travelling in Ukraine is not easy if you are inexperienced with this and if you don't speak the Russian or Ukrainian language. If you choose for our services then you make it easy on yourself. We will try to make your trip as comfortable and pleasant as possible.

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Kiev, hotel, Natsionalny Hotel, Lypskaya Street 5

The Natsionalny Hotel is situated in Pechersk, a historical district, located to the south-east of the city, on the bank of the River Dnepr.

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Chernihiv, hotel, Park Hotel Chernigiv, Shevchenko Sreet 103A

14844846 28 z
The hotel is situated in a picturesque park area on the bank of the Desna River.

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Odessa, hotel, Hotel 52, Ekaterininskaya Street 52

Hotel "52" is located in the heart of Odessa, near the famous Deribasovskaya street

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Kiev, hotel, Hotel Nivki, Akademika Tupoleva Str.16-E

Book a room at Hotel Nivki to experience all that Kiev has to offer.

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Kiev, hotel, Heart Kiev Apart-Hotel, Shota Rustaveli 29

Heart Kiev Apart-Hotel offers 3-star accommodation in Kiev. It is close to the Brodsky Synagogue, shops and nightlife options.

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Kiev, hotel, Bratislava Hotel, Andriya Malyshko Street 1

891767 165 z
he 13-storied Bratislava Hotel Complex is one of Kiev`s biggest hotels with 5 elevators. The comfortable 3-star Bratislava Hotel offers elegant rooms with views of the Dnieper River.

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Slavskoe ski resort, lviv region

409 b
Mountain urban village Slavskoe located in the Skole district of Lviv region

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Currency rates

In the overview below, you can see how many Ukrianian Hryvnia's (UAH) you get for one coin of each foreign currency.