Ukraine is a very old country, nevertheless it got its Independence only in 1991. Thus , there are many places to see and to visit for those people who value history, culture and tradition of the country. On the territory of Ukraine you may find the oldest churches and monasteries, which were build many centuries ago. Also some of the museums guard the treasures of the cultures of many countries (but, of course, the majority belongs to the Kiev Rus).

Churches and Cathedrals

There are the representatives of different religions in Ukraine. And according to the Constitution of Ukraine, each person's religious believes must be respected. It means that you can find the churches and cathedrals of different religions in different parts of Ukraine. You can find Orthodox, Catholic, Muslim and Jewish churches, cathedrals, mosques and synagogues.
Thus, while being in Kiev, for example, no matter what your religion is, you will have an opportunity to pray in the House of your God.
The majority of people in Ukraine are Orthodox Christians. And as the result, there are many churches.  Some of them are worth visiting even for those people are not practicing this religion, as they are real historical masterpieces. Such as Mykhailivskyy Cathedral, St. Andrew's cathedral, Kievo-Pechersk Lavra, St. Sophia Cathedral, etc.

Monasteries and Convents

In Ukraine there are can be found monasteries and convents of three religions. Orthodox, Catholic and Buddhism. The last one is situated in Donetsk region and has been opened not so long time ago. Permanently this monastery gives session to all the people who want to study their religion and who want to deeper their knowledge.
Of course there is a big number of Christian monasteries and convents all over Ukraine. In Western part there are many Catholic ones and of course all over the territory of the country, there are Orthodox ones. Here are some of the most famous ones: Vydubychi Monastery, Abbey Sozan, Bakhchisaray Cave Monastery, Church of the Presentation in Lviv, Bernardine Church in Lviv, Bernardine Monastery in Iziaslav, Inkerman Cave Monastery, Pochayiv Lavra, Saint Nicholas Monastery in Mukacheve, Manyava Skete and others.
All the monasteries welcome people from all over the world to live and to work on its territory. People who have lost their hope, who want to find answer for some question in life go there for a couple of weeks and sometimes years to find themselves.

Concert Halls

Concert Halls can be found in all the cities of Ukraine. In small towns they mostly host the concerts of local artists, while in big cities, such as Kiev, Donetsk, Kharkov, Odessa, Lviv and some others the concert halls are the places which host famous Ukrainian and World artists.
Palats Ukraina is the most famous concert hall in Ukraine. Almost every weekend it hosts famous Ukrainian, Russian, European, American and Eastern singers. The biggest National Ceremonies also take place here. There is also Palats Sportu Concert Hall, Zhovtnevyj Palats and others, which are the places of performance of many international groups.

Palaces and Castles

Unfortunately in Ukraine there are not so many palaces and castles left. The Second World War had taken away almost all the heritage. But of course, a little number of them is still there, for the pleasure of their visitors. In Alupka, Crimea, there is a great Vorontsov Palace, which is definitely worth visiting for the connoisseurs of art and history. This Palace will show the image of life of the Ukrainian noble people. Also there is Kochanivka Palace in Chernigov Region and Metropolitan Palace in Chernivtsi.
Speaking about Castles, there are also few worth visiting. Kamianets-Podilskyi Castle, Akkerman Fortress, Lutsk Upper Castle and some others.

Parks and Gardens

Ukrainian land and nature is well known all over the world. Black Earth, which is so valuable of its properties is covering the whole territory of the country. Thus, parks and gardens which grow here are magnificent. Two biggest and most famous parks are situated within few hours' drive from the capital Kiev. These are Sofiivskij park in Uman' and Aleksandria park in Bila Tserkva. These are the biggest parks which has a great number of old trees (some more than 500 years old) and plants from all over the world.
Of course there are smaller parks in all the cities in Ukraine which are the perfect place for a relaxing walk. The gardens and parks are beautiful in all the seasons of the year. In spring, there are so many lovely flowers in blossom. In summer, these are the best places to hide in the shadow of great trees in a hot day. Autumn will welcome you with the range of different colors. And in winter, parks and gardens turn into amusements parks, where children and adults skate, ski and sledge.


There is a great number of theatres in Ukraine. There are many classical and modern ones. Some of them are for special category of spectators. For example, there are theatres for children, adults, foreigners, the connoisseurs of modern art and the people who value classical approach in this kind of art. Among the most famous theatres of Ukraine, there are National Opera of Ukraine, Kiev National Academic Theatre of Operetta, Lviv Theatre of Opera and Ballet, Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater, Kiev Academic Theatre of Ukrainian Folklore, Kiev Academic Youth Theatre, Lesya Ukrainka National Academic Theater of Russian Drama, Kiev National Academic Theatre of Drama and Comedy and others.
In Kiev there are also many experimental theatres which can be appreciated by people who like everything unusual and new. For example Dakh Theatre has some plays, where spectators sit in a whole darkness for 2 hours. Or you may also be shocked by some performances which can't be visited by people who are less than 18 years old. Les' Kurbas Art Centre gives experimental plays of modern play writers, which are made by young directors and played by young people, sometimes amateurs.

Well, there are many places to see and to visit for different tastes.


There are many different kinds of museums in Ukraine. The biggest number and variety is situated, of course, in big cities, but even in small ones, there can be found some thematic small museums. For people who are interested in Art, there is a National Art Museum, Pinchuk Art Centre, Ukrainian Folk Art Museum and others. For people who are fond of history, there is a Museum of the Great War, National Historical Museum of Ukraine, The Ukrainian National Chernobyl Museum and others. There is a great number of cultural museums too: Mamayeva Sloboda, Mikhail Bulgakov Museum, Museum of Cultural Heritage in Kiev, One Street Museum, Pyrohiv, and Savka House.

Art Galleries

For the connoisseurs of Art there are many places to go in Kiev and in the regions. In the capital, there is a nice gallery of Ukrainian and Russian artists which is called Aquarel. There is also a Centre for Contemporary Art, Podol Fortuna, Lada Plus, Honchari, Drevny Kiev and other galleries which represent Ukrainian, Russian, European and American paintings, sculpture, photography, ceramic and graphic art of different periods.