Train & Intercity bus

Ukraine has a very good and highly developed system of transportation within and between the cities. If you want to travel between different cities in Ukraine, the best choices for you will be train and bus. These are very comfortable, reliable and cheap means of transport. Each city of Ukraine has bus and train stations.

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It is the most popular kind of transport for those people who travel within the country. It is cheap and comfortable for long distance. There are three classes of travelling in the train. So, it is affordable for all people. If you don't need to get fast to the city you can use it. It is slower than the plane, but if you have time this is the best way.

Intercity Bus

The bus is a very convenient way to get to the cities if they are situated on a short distance from each other. There are many bus stations in each city and the busses circulate to all the small towns and villages, as well as to the big cities. Usually it costs less to take the bus than to take the train. And also it will be much faster to get to the point you need by bus. There are three types of intercity buses in Ukraine: full-size state buses, full-size private buses, and the minibuses, so called "marshrutki". There are many private companies now which provide the service. The busses of these companies are much more comfortable with all the modern requires to the pleasant travelling, such as reclining seats, tinted windows, air conditioning, and a T.V. State owned busses don't have any of these. And we don't recommend to take them.
How to Pay for the Intercity Bus? If you take the state-owned bus, you need to buy ticket at the pay desk of the bus station. But if you choose a private company bus, which is more comfortable, you need to pay directly to the driver, after telling him your destination.