Ukraine is a highly developed country and while planning a visit to this country, you do not have to worry about the situation where you will be left without the connection with an outer world. Almost everywhere in the country there is a wifi connection and furthermore, the free wifi can be found in almost each restaurant, cafe, shopping mall. You can find also many internet café’s in the city centers, sometimes combined with phone calling for budget prices.

Mobile and Phones

In Ukraine you can use the services of the national telephone companies. Which means you will be calling from the hotel or from the apartment you are staying. This type of communication is a little more expensive than using the services of mobile operators. There are three famous mobile operators in Ukraine. Kievstar, Life and MTC. You can buy freely the cards of these operators in special shops which sell mobile phones or in small places, which are everywhere on the streets. These small places specialize on mobile cards and recharging cards for the mobile operators.


Internet can be found at the hotel and apartment you are staying, as almost always the owners equip their apartments and hotel rooms with wifi. Almost in all the cases the price already include the unlimited use of the internet. Also you may use Internet at different cafes and restaurants which have wifi too. And mobile operators have different services of using Internet from your phone.

Post and Express Mail

The most popular in Ukraine is National Post. It can mail letters and packets all over the world. But the timing may be not the best. Thus a good alternative to this post is a worldwide known companies which have their representatives on the territory of Ukraine. FedEx, DHL, TNT and others can be found all over Ukraine.