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The market in Ukraine has a great potential, now that the country will start to develop a cooperation with the European Union. The country has skilled workers who are willing to work hard. We want to help foreign companies and businessmen by supporting them on their business trips.

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Interpretation and translation

For those people who come to Ukraine for business, our agency can provide a good, qualitative, reliable and reasonable service of translation and interpretation. We can provide you with an interpreter who is fluent in the language you need and in the field which interests you. Thus, you will have no problems communicating with your business partners or clients in Ukraine. Our interpreters also know how to observe the etiquette, so you will feel at ease in their company.

Personal Assistance

Those people who come to Ukraine for business, sometimes feel the lack of their personal assistant or their secretary. Such simple questions, like what are the best means of transportation in different circumstances or what is a good location for a business meeting can become a problem in a new country. Our agency can provide you with the personal assistant for your service. He or she will be there for you 24 hours a day, helping to solve all the daily problems and issues. And of course your personal assistant speaks a foreign language.

Preparation of your leisure time program

Even when travelling for business, the person needs some time for themselves. Thus, to be in a new and interesting country and to spend time just doing business, is not an option. Our agency will be happy to organize your leisure time according to your wishes, preferences and time table. With our help you can enjoy the best places of the city you are staying at and even the others interesting towns of Ukraine.

Complete business trip scheduling

- Creating of your trip schedule;
- Booking of the hotels/apartments;
- Assistant/interpreter service;
- Meeting at the airport;
- Arranging car rental/car with driver/taxi.