Sport & Nature

Ukraine is probably the only country which can be estimated as the country with the greatest nature in Europe. The black land, which covers the whole territory of Ukraine, is the best environment for the growth of the most beautiful trees, plants and flowers. Forests cover each part of Ukraine and you may be pleasantly surprised by the beauty of the roads, which go alongside the woods. There are also mountains in Ukraine which can be a welcome place for both, winter and summer time. In winter time you can enjoy the numerous kinds of winter sports that take place in the mountains and in summer you can enjoy the nature in all its beauty.

Horse Riding

If you are fond of horses and horse riding, you will be happy to know that in Ukraine there many places where you can do it. Almost each city has the number of ranches, where the hosts can provide you with an equipment for horse riding. Doing this kind of sport brings a lot of pleasure, as nature in Ukraine is unspoiled and it brings a lot of joy to the person who is riding, for example, in the woods.


Ukraine is very popular for its Skiing resorts. Carpathian Mountains can satisfy the most exquisite tastes of skiing lovers. Winter time is very busy in Western part of Ukraine because of the number of tourists who go there to enjoy winter kinds of sports. The most popular and at the same time the most expensive place to go is Bukovel. But if you are not planning to spend a lot of money on skiing, you will be also pleasantly surprised by the number of smaller villages with their own ski runs and skilifts. Among local people such resorts as Yaremche, Tatarov, Yablonitsa are very popular.

Roller Skating

Unfortunately, there are no special places outside for those people who like roller skating. The roads in Ukraine are not in the best conditions, so, it is difficult to roller skate. But, if you are so much fond of it, you may go to the special rollerdrome. It is, normally, closed indoor area with a good and high quality floor where people can roller skate.


This kind of sport is not very popular in Ukraine, although, if you are a huge fan, you may find a few Golf courses in big cities. Thus, there are places around and in Kiev, where you can play Golf. But we shall warn you that it is an expensive type of entertainment.

Kayaking and Rafting

These kinds of sports are very popular in Western Ukraine. There are many mountain rivers which can provide you with the best tempo and rhythm. While doing these interesting kinds of sports, you will enjoy the scenery of beautiful mountains and forests around you.

Tennis Courts

There are many tennis courts around Ukraine. You can find them in each big city and sometimes, even in small towns. This kind of sport is popular among the local people, thus the price will not be high. At the tennis courts you may use your own equipment or you may also rent the one from the club, where you are planning to play.


Skating is very popular in Ukraine. Especially among young people and couples who just start dating. It is a common place for the first date. There are many skating rings around Ukraine. They are mostly concentrated in big cities, but sometimes, you can find them in small cities. It is a very good, exciting and inexpensive way to spend a quality time in Ukraine.