Public transport

Public transport in Ukraine is highly developed. There are busses, metro, trolley busses and trams. These are the cheap ways to get to any part of the city.


The underground metro is one of the most comfortable ways of travelling within Kyiv city. There are no traffic jams there and you can get from one part of the city to the opposite in 30 min. It is also very good to use in summer, when the temperature outside is more than 30C in the metro it is very comfortable. The same situation in winter, when it is cold outside and in the busses sometimes you can feel uncomfortable, the metro conditioning system is always adding to make the stay of their passengers as pleasant as possible. The cost of one way ticket is 2 hrn.

Microbuses and minivans

In Ukraine they are called Marshrutka's. It is a typical Ukrainian kind of transport that cannot be found in European countries. Some people say it is one of the 10 things to try while in Ukraine. This is a small bus which goes in each part of the city. It is very common among local people. The price of this kind of transport is almost the same as the bus.

Trams and Trolley buses

They are common in big cities of Ukraine. They are very cheap, about 1-1.5 hrn and are used mostly by retired people for whom this kind of transport is free. It has a limited spider and doesn't go everywhere. But to get to the most popular places in the city it is possible by this mean of transport.


They are available in all the cities of Ukraine, as Metro can be found only in Kiev , Kharkov and Dnepropetrovsk. The cost of buses is very cheap and varies according to the city and they circulate all around it.