Lviv as a wonderful place for everyone

Lviv is a cultural capital of Ukraine; it attracts tourists with its historical monuments, as well as the special spirit of intelligence, religiosity, and at the same time, modern style. Only in Lviv people can enjoy the most delicious coffee in the Ukraine. Lviv is also full of parks and areas, so the air there is clean and non-carbonated.

Town hall

The old city center is closely built up with beautiful stone houses, and the town hall is located in the central square. The entrance is guarded by stone lions, which are a symbol of the city, and from every of the four corners of the city hall beat beautiful fountains.

The Lychakivskiy Cemetery

The Lychakivskiy Cemetery in Lviv, is the final resting place of many of the country’s poets, patriots, historians and writers. Lychakiv cemetery is known as one of the oldest and the largest graveyards in Europe. You can visit the massive cemetery, with more than 400,000 graves, the oldest grave dates from 1675 year.

The old town

For a taste of the Viennese life, you should definitely visit the opera house of Lviv, placed at the northwestern edge of the old town. It was built in a distinct Austro-Hungarian style, and the most impressive one in Ukraine. The Town Hall is a great place to go for amazing views of the old town. While you are there, you will be able to see views from four sides! Lviv hosts hundreds of churches. Within the vicinity of the old town alone, you will come across at least a dozen and the great thing about them is that they are all not the same mold. The most impressive are: Latin Cathedral, Armenian Cathedral, Bernardine Church, and Dominican Church as well.


Numerous monuments, such as the Glory Hill, attract attention by its architectural and sculptural complex of the cemetery of Soviet soldiers, a monument of military glory, as well as monuments to Ivan Franko, Taras Sjevtsjenko and Adam Mickiewicz. Even people, who are not familiar with the fate of these great writers, are impressed because of the sculptor's work.


Additionally, Lviv is one of the major cultural centers of Ukraine. There are more than ten different museums in this city. For instance, the Historical Museum, the Museum of Ethnography and Crafts, and the Museum of Folk Architecture and Life, as well as the most famous one, named the Museum of Ukrainian Art, which stores the works of fine and decorative arts from the ancient period to the present. This museum house can be considered as a unique collection of icons of the fourteenth and eighteenth centuries, medieval manuscripts and early printed books, as well as the wooden sculptures and artistic embroidery.

Wonderful city

Lviv is full of unforgettable cafes, restaurants and coffee houses, where people can try a huge amount of different coffees and traditional Ukrainian dishes. The acquaintance with this fascinating city will bring a great pleasure to anyone. The whole city is a kind of museum or a monument of a rich and interesting history of the Ukrainian people. Time has no control over this ancient wonderful city, with its unique history and architecture, old streets and beautiful green parks.

Architectural monuments

The city has many remarkable architectural monuments. There are almost completely preserved monuments of XIII-XVI centuries, such as the Armenian Cathedral, the Church of the Assumption, Three Saints Chapel, a Gothic Cathedral and many others. Unbelievable ornaments and carved decorations in the baroque churches are decorated in the Bernardine and the Dominican ones or the Cathedral of Saint Jura.

The ornaments in the style of past centuries can be found not only on these magnificent architectural monuments. Indeed, even the individual houses and entire residential complexes, theaters, museums preserve the imprint of past centuries though their beauty, originality and mystery.

The High Castle Hill

While you are in Lviv, you should not miss the High Castle. You can climb up a hill placed northeast of the old town for incredible amazing views, especially at sunset and sunrise. The High Castle Hill is 413 m (1355 feet) above sea level, is the best place for a panoramic view of the city. The base of the steel flag mast in downtown of the viewing areas shows the cardinal points to help in orientation. It is one of the highest spots of the low range of hills stretching though beautiful Lviv and across the border into Poland.

Lviv is well connected

Lviv has a modest international airport, which is several kilometers away from the city with connections to Frankfurt, Toronto, Warsaw, Moscow, and Manchester. Lviv is well connected with Kiev and other cities by railway, buses, or you can go by car to Lviv.