Sun vacation

At the moment the situation in Ukraine is a little bit unclear about the places where people can enjoy the sun vacation. Normally it would be the Crimea peninsula to go to the beautiful places near the sea to enjoy summer time. Though, under the circumstances it is highly recommended to all the tourists to avoid this zone.

Fortunately, the advantageous geographical position of the country gave many places for both, the citizens of Ukraine and its visitors, the opportunity to spend warm days near the sea. Thus, in Odessa, there are many happy and joyful moments waiting for you. Also there is the Azov Sea, which can be a good place to stay at the summer time.


Ukraine has a very advantageous geographical position. With its territory, it is surrounded by two seas: Black Sea and Azov Sea. The Crimea Peninsula has a big choice of Beach Resorts. Such cities as Yalta, Alushta, Alupka, Evpatoria, Feodosia are crowded in the summer time with tourists. In Ukraine, the resorts can be found for each taste and "pocket". Normally people who want to have the best service possible stay at the luxury hotels, where they can find everything they need for the rest.

For people who are planning their budget there is a wide range of choice too. They can stay at the hotels, hostels or they can rent an apartment (which is popular among Ukrainians). In Crimea you can find different types of beaches. There can be pebbly and sand beaches. The water in the sea is warm, but sometimes and in some places it can be dirty.
Odessa is situated on the board of the Black Sea. It is a popular place among foreign tourists. They come here in search of their second half. The city has a lot of beaches. Ibiza is one of the best private ones. During the day time people are laying there in the sun and enjoying modern atmosphere of luxury. When the night comes, this beach turns into a fabulous disco, which is visited by many people from all over the world.

There are few nice cities to visit, which are situated on the board of Azov Sea. Berdiansk is the most popular. It is a quite place with nice and clean beaches which are situated far from the urban life. Being here will make you feel cozy and comfortable. You  will like the quite atmosphere and will feel close to nature.

Boat Rental

Boating in Ukraine is widely spread in the capital and in the cities which are situated near the sea.

In Kiev there are many excursion boats that are circulating along Dnipro river. Big boats go each hour and the price of the ticket is very small. Also there are many private boats which you can rent. It will cost you much more, but in this case, you will be able to enjoy the places which are not open for the common visitors.

When at sea, you can also go yachting on a private boat or with a group of people. Fishing in the open sea is also popular.