Travel in Ukraine

Our representative can give you the service of transfer from the airport to the place where you stay and back to the airport when you go back home. The transfer can be different. We can give you the direct instructions on how to get to the city by bus from the airport if you have a limited budget or we can arrange a taxi for you, which will deliver you directly to the location you are staying at. Also you can be meet personally by our representative and she will drive you to your place. This is what concerning the transfer from and to the airport.

Transportation in the city

We can also help you with the transportation in the city. We will recommend you the best and the easiest ways to travel in the city. For example, we will help you to choose the most convenient and the quickest mean of transport from the point of view of the traffic jams. Sometimes it is better to the bus, but sometimes, to avoid the jams, it will be better to take the metro. Also we can give you the telephone numbers of the taxi services which speak English. Of course those are a little more expensive than the usual ones, but at least they will for sure help you to find any place you need. Of course, you can also use any other type of taxi, you just need to have the paper on which there will be written the address of the place where you are going.

Travel to another city

If you decide to go to another city, for example Odessa or Lvov or any other, we can arrange a transfer there too. It can be the personal transfer of the representative of our agency, taxi, bus, train or plane.

As you can see, we will find the best, the most convenient and the most suitable transport for you!