Taxi & Car

For those people who prefer to have some privacy while travelling, there is a big choice of opportunities. For example the taxi or the car. It is possible to travel between the cities of Ukraine by taxi, by rental car or by rental car with the personal driver.
These options will be useful for those people who want to travel alone or with their partner privately. Of course, the price for this service will be higher than the price for a bus or train. But the advantages are worth it, as you can stop whenever you want and you are not depending on anyone, but yourself.


Of course a car is the most convenient mean of transport. You can get wherever you want, when you want and with as many stops as you want. But, it has some disadvantages in Ukraine. If you travel to Ukraine by your own car, you will be shocked by the condition of the roads here. They are very bad and it will be harmful for the car to go through the roads like that.
But, the other thing is to use the service of our driver when you come here. We can provide you the service of driving anywhere and every time. Our driver has been driving Ukrainian roads for all of his life and he knows them. So, if you want to travel by car, you should use this service.

Car rental

If you prefer to travel alone by car the car rental service is the best choice for you. In Ukraine there are many companies who gives the cars for rent. To rent a car here, you need to have a driving license and a credit card or money in cash to leave as a deposit for a car. The offices are situated all over the country and you have the opportunity to take the car in one city and to leave it in another city.


Taxi is a very convenient and easy way to circulate around the city. There are many taxi companies in all the cities of Ukraine. If you need a taxi, you just need to make a call and the car will be there in about 10 minutes under normal conditions. But when it is raining or when public transport is not working then the capacity might not be enough and you have to wait longer. The price of the taxi service varies. But the cost in Kiev is the most expensive. One trip can start from 40 hrn and go up to 150 hrn. While in other cities of Ukraine it will never be more expensive than 50 hrn. Also you should note that the taxi is much cheaper when you call for it. And the price can be twice or even three times more if you just stop a taxi on the street. There is also the intercity service that taxis provide. You can get to any city by taxi. Of course it is an expensive way to travel.


Driving in Ukraine is a little bit different from driving in other countries. Why? Well, from the first view, you can say it is the same, as the roads regulations are nearly the same everywhere. But it is different. The conditions of the roads here is the reason. So, when you drive in Ukraine, you must be always three times more careful than you are usually. The pits are everywhere and if you get into a big one it can cause serious damages to your car. So, if you want to drive here it is better to do it not alone, but to hire a driver who has a good experience in it.

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