General information


Electrical appliancies operate at 220V/50Hz in Ukraine. If you travel to Ukraine with a device that does not accept this, you will need a voltage converter. The plug is the two-pin thin European standard.


Food and Drink

Ukrainian Food is well known all over the world for its rich taste. You may try the national cuisine at some restaurants in Kiev and other cities. Some of the most popular are: Opanas, Spotykach, Verhovyna, Dykanka, Chumatskiy Shliah and others. The general price of the dinner for one person, including drink will be around 150 UAH. Of course there are many nice places to have a cheap, but still you will have a good and healthy dinner. Among them are: Puzata Hata, Dva Gusia, Zdorovenko Buly and others. For people who are not fond of Ukrainian cuisine, there is a large number of restaurants which serve international cuisines. You may find for example Japanes, Asian, French and Italian restaurants in the big cities of the country. Also it is very useful to find the cafes for children and vegetarian places to eat. Running water in Ukraine is not very good and can't be consumed for preparing food and tea. For this purpose we strongly recommend using water from the shops.


National Holidays

There are many holidays which are celebrated in Ukraine. There are state and religious holidays. Normally great holidays are the days off at work for Ukrainians. Such holidays as Christmas, New Years Eve, Women's Day, Victory Day, Labor Day, The Day of Independence are celebrated by the whole country and are accompanied by big national festivals. People get few days off work and normally spend this time with their families somewhere in the centre of the city or in the nature. Big concerts take place too.



Generally speaking Ukraine can be considered as a safe country for the tourists. During Euro 2012 there were not a single case of violence against tourists who came to see the Championship. But, of course it is necessary to be attentive in the public places and in transport.



Ukraine is situated in the Eastern European Time Zone. UTC/GMT +2.


Working hours

Normally Ukrainian working day starts at 9 am and ends at 6 pm with a break for dinner from 1pm till 2 pm. Saturday and Sunday are the days off. But at some governmental structures the working day starts at 8 am and ends at 5 pm. Also some international companies may have a different time schedule of the work of the office according to the time zone of the country they represent in Ukraine.