Bukovel ski resort, Ivano-Frankivsk region

The well-known ski resort of Bukovel can be called exemplary in terms of tourism.


The famous Bukovel ski resort can be called exemplary in terms of tourism. Over the past few years it has made a huge leap in development, and currently the area has a great number of hotels and tourist centers which are ready to host tourists from different countries.

This popularity is rightfully deserved as the resort Bukovel in the Carpathian mountains offers over 62 ski slopes and they all have high-quality lighting and snowmaking systems. Here you can ski even at night, which is a huge advantage. In addition, visitors also have 16 lifts and a chair, which can boast of a special coating that keeps away dirt and moisture. They are very easy clean. The best ski resort in Ukraine Bukovel offers 5 types of lease, which are fully certified and have all the necessary equipment for various winter sports.

Number of lifts: 16, almost all chairlifts

The cost of lifts: 75 UAH/ 1 lift

Total path length:50 km

Path length: from 300 to 2300 m

Season ticketsare from € 9,87 to € 32

The cost of skis/snowboards rent: from 110 UAH per 1 day

Accommodation: the price range is very wide and depends on the season. In high season you pay from UAH 500 to UAH 5,000- 6,000 for a standard room for two per night. In summer, you will have to pay UAH 200 to UAH 2500-3000 for 2 persons.

Food: restaurants in Bukovel are almost in every hotel. 100-750 UAH on average.

Snow: available from November to April

How to get there: almost every hotel offers a Shuttle service. If you come in a big company, you can order a minibus for 150-200 UAH.

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