Kiev, Andreevsky spusk

Andreevsky spusk is the second street of Kiev after Kreschatik.


Andreevsky spusk is the second street of Kiev after Kreschatik. Andreevsky spusk leads from Vladimirskaya to Desyatinnaya street and Contraktovaya square, located in Podol.

Andreevsky spusk is a street-museum. Throughout all the way you can see something interesting, the bohemian atmosphere of the end 19 - the beginnings of 20 centuries reigns here. Number of the most known Kiev sights situated at Andreevsky spusk includes Andreevskaya church. Walking down from the church, you can get to park with sculptures of Ivan Kavaleridze placed there. The original monument to the heroes of Michael Staritsky’s play - Prona Prokopovna and Svirid Golohvastov, stands not far from the church. One of the most mysterious and enigmatic buildings of Kiev – Richard's Castle is also located here.

Tourists are fascinated by the street colour. Great number of cafe, small restaurants, art galleries, theater studios, painters and traders by subjects of national crafts make a walk along granite stone blocks of Andreevsky spusk a true pleasure.

How to get: go to the metro station Golden gate and then go down Vladimirskaya street till Andreevsky spusk; or go to the metro station Contraktovaya square, pass Samson fountain, walk up to Andreevsky spusk by Uspensky cathedral

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