Kiev, Entertainment complex Arena

The entertainment center Arena includes a nightclub, restaurants and sport club sport zone.


Entertainment complex Arena is located in the center of Kiev. The outer facade of the building is very different from the inside. Outside is an old house that does not look like a place of modern leisure, but the view from the courtyard Arena entertainment center proves that you are not mistaken.

The entertainment center Arena includes a nightclub, restaurants and sport club sport zone. All constituent elements of the complex there are not isolated from each other and are in close creative collaboration.

Nightclub entertainment center Arena was organized on the principle of an elite private club for wealthy and sophisticated nightly entertainment in public. The creators of the club set out to open a restaurant which will follow the latest trends in European club, and successfully coped with it. Located nightclub Arena on the 4th floor of the complex.

Center for Life nightclub entertainment center Arena in Kiev are the stage and dance floor. There are performances of Ukrainian bands and abroad, held fashion designer shows, presentations of different art exhibitions and more. Visitors nightclub Arena will appreciate the high quality of sound and light, and a relaxed informal atmosphere.

The third floor housed the casino. Casino entertainment center Arena is working round the clock and seven days a week. Here, as expected, the visitor is surrounded by luxury and comfort. Velvet and twinkling lights, high professionalism, high quality of service - all together, these factors have made the casino arena and popular place among experienced players, and among beginners.

Phone: +38 (044) 492 00 00

How to get: Nearest metro station: Sports Palace, pl. Leo Tolstoy, Theatre, or pass on the street. Khreshchatyk towards the Bessarabian Market.

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