Kiev, Museum of decorative folk art

State Museum of Ukrainian Decorative Folk Art is located in the territory of Kievo-Pecherskaya Lavra.


The State Museum of Ukrainian Decorative Folk Art has one of the largest collections of folk art. The museum is located in the area of the Kiev-Pechersk Preserve. The museum's collections contain over 60,000 exhibits dating from various times. The museum exposition presents a vivid picture of the history of Ukrainian folk art.

It consists of two departments - Ukrainian Folk Art of the 17th-early 20th centuries, and Soviet-time Ukrainian Art. Each department is divided into sections: weaving, embroidery, woodcarving, ceramics, clothing, glassware, porcelain and decorative painting. All exhibitions are arranged according to historical, chronological and ethnographic principles.

Besides all listed, 1 500 m2 of museum territory contain expositions of musical instruments of 18-19 centuries, carved parts of harness, ware, furniture. Museum of Ukrainian Decorative Folk Art also possesses one of the most considerable in Ukraine collection of glassware, involving examples made by glass blowers of 17 - 18 centuries.

Address: Ivan Mazepa Street 21, b. 2 (in Kievo-Pecherskaya Lavra’s territory)

Phone: +38(044) 254-36-42, +38(044) 254-36-88

Working hours: daily from 10:00 till 18:00, except Tuesday

How to get: go to metro station Arsenalnaya. On leaving turn to the left and go downwards left side of the street for about 10 minutes or go any kind of transport to the station Museum of Great Patriotic War or Kievo-Pechersky reserve

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