Kiev, National philharmonic of Ukraine

Hall of Columns of Philharmonic Society received a lot of real music stars.


The beginning National Philharmonic Society of Ukraine was marked in distant 1863, when Kiev branch of Imperial Russian Music Society was founded. Already in the beginning of 19 century Kiev music life was very lively. Kiev Contract fairs were visited by such outstanding authors and performers like Ferenz List, brothers Vesnyavsky and other musicians known at that time.

Two-storeyed stone house was erected just for one building season. Kiev city and diocesan architect Vladimir Nikolaev was the author of the project; he also exercised control of the building. Being a capable competent architect, Nikolaev also had musical talent. Knowing acoustic laws, Nikolaev was capable to construct a hall which enraptured actors and audience with sound quality and strength. House of Merchants Assembly quickly gained fame and popularity in Kiev. It became a favorite place of holding of various masquerades, charitable lotteries, family celebrations, literary and musicales evenings.

Hall of Columns of Philharmonic Society received a lot of real music stars. At different times Glazunov, Oystrah, Rakhmaninov, Lemeshev, Rostropovich, Rubinshteyn, Ruffo, Shalyapin, Lysenko, Revutsky gave a concert here. Well-known Ukrainian choir of G.Verevka, Choir of bandura players of Ukraine appeared on its stage, String quartet named after Lysenko and Kiev Chamber Orchestra started out here.

In 1994 for long-term fruitful creative work and major contribution to development of Ukrainian musical art, under the Decree of Ukraine President Kiev Philharmonic Society gained the status of National.

Address: Vladimirsky spusk street, 2

Phone: +38 (044) 278 16 97; +38 (044) 278 62 91

How to get: go to metro station Pochtovaya squareand go upwards Vladimirsky spusk street; or go to metro station Maydan Nezalezhnosti and go along Kreschatik across European square, reference point - hotel Dnipro

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