Kiev, Saint Sofia cathedral

St. Sofia cathedral is located in the centre of Kiev.


Saint Sophia Cathedral located in the historic centre of Kiev. Saint Sofia Cathedral is the first Ukrainian monument of architecture what entered in the list of World heritage of UNESCO.

Saint Sofia cathedral damaged by time outside. There are the earliest painting and mosaics what executed by Byzantian painters. At the walls of Sofievsky cathedral, as well as at St. Michel’s cathedral walls, the graffiti were found out is the scratched inscriptions what telling us about political and statesmen events. There is about 300 such graffiti.

Today we can see 3 000 square meters of frescos and 260 square meters of mosaic. The most famous mosaics are dome mosaic Christ-Pantokrator and Mother of God-Oratna (the Indestructible wall). Works of mosaic were carried out by smalt (an alloy of salts, glass and oxides of metals), but there were also the fragments what executed by a natural stone. Slices of smalt were pressed directly into fresh plaster. Palette of mosaics of the cathedral is very rich, is more than 170 shades.

Address: Vladimirskaya street, 24

Phone: 044 278 6262

How to get: go to the metro station Golden Gate, go downwards Vladimirskaya st. to St. Sofia square; or go to the metro station Maydan Nezalezhnosti, go two blocks along Sofia street till Sofia square

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