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Top restaurants in Lviv

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Lviv has a well-developed restaurant infrastructure. Restaurants in Lviv propose not only the high quality of service and tasty food but also the original design of rooms and unique atmosphere. The residents of the city and its guests can go to the classic restaurant, combine the meal with a visit to the museum, lunch in the house of the executioner or a military bunker, drink coffee with Viennese strudel in a restaurant, pastry shop or try different types of beer in the pub. There is an unwritten top of restaurants that is necessary to visit in Lviv.

First Grill Restaurant Meat and Justice

The atmosphere is dedicated to the post-medieval dungeon. The interior abounds with the torturous instruments and devices for execution. The butcher, who greets visitors at the entrance, can demonstrate the work of different torture chambers. The gloomy and cheerful ambiance of this place in Lviv attracts many visitors.

The most expensive restaurant of Galicia

The restaurant is stylized as a Masonic lodge. There are some specific features in this cafe: a secret entrance to the restaurant through the apartment door, portraits of famous Masons on the walls, the vintage car in one of the halls and others. Their payment system is made by the imagination. Prices on the menu are very high, but with the popular in Lviv card of loyalty, people can get a discount of 90%. Discount cards are issued in "The workshop of chocolate" or in a cafe named "Masoch" in the central square of the Lviv.


This saloon is styled as a military bunker of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army; it has had a huge power in 1942-1953 years in Western Ukraine. At the entrance, comers meet the militaries, but not real ones, who require a password before allowing visitors to enter a cafe. If people order dumplings at the end of a dinner, they will not have to pay the bill, but they will be sent to solitary confinement. Some visitors regard the atmosphere as too patriotic. There is a national Ukrainian kitchen in Kryivka. Additionally, delicious meal in this unusual institution in Lviv is inexpensive. 

The Kerosene Lamp

This cafe is also a museum, and it is dedicated to the history of a kerosene lamp. The interior has more than 200 lamps of different years, and reproduction of ancient lamps. The Kerosene Lamp menu is full of large selection of liquors and beers. There are often used beakers and flasks to supply food and drinks. Waiters sometimes arrange fireworks show.

The Beer Theatre named Truth

It is a huge restaurant in the heart of the city, on the Market Square, with the unbelievable amount types of beer. On the ground floor, they have a beer shop. Indeed, every week the owners of the Beer Theatre invite the orchestra and organize a free degustation of alcohol. This place is worth visiting. After visiting these places, the guests of the city feel not only the atmosphere of Lviv city but also of the whole Western Ukraine.

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