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Visiting Ukraine and vaccination for travelers

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The situation in the East of Ukraine is stabilizing now more. The truce since the first of September seems to hold. It is good news especially for the Ukrainian people. The rest of the country is already for more than one and a half year safe to visit. This year at the end of October local elections will be held.

When you will visit Ukraine, it is out of precaution wise to see if you need any extra vaccination. You can request for information at your local health care institution of what is needed. They look what is needed for Ukraine and at your own personal situation. Your personal situation is what your status of vacacination is and the status of your health condition. In that way they determine which vaccinations you need.

At the moment there is a small risk for the polio virus. Although the risk is small, the chance that an unvaccinated traveler in Ukraine comes into contact with the variant polio virus can not be ruled out. Even if someone do not get sick, then he or she may have become unwittingly infected, bring the virus to his own country and infect other unvaccinated people.

Because of this, it is now recommended for travelers to Ukraine to raise the level of their polio immunization status. Travelers who more than a decade ago had their last shot, are advised to get vaccinated again. Travelers who never had a vaccination against polio is advisable to be vaccinated yet. Also a good hygiene is of importance. Travelers are advised to wash their hands, at least after using the toilet and before eating. This reduces the chance of contamination.

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